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About Carlend Copenhagen

Carlend Copenhagen was established in 2006. Carlend Copenhagen is today known as the exclusive brand who designs beautiful bags in exotic python skin and rich natural leather. 

The bags are functional, classic and with a timeless design, which attracts the modern and quality conscious woman, who wants the perfect bag for private dinners, gala parties, business, shopping, traveling or just a night out. 

The perfect accessory, that will fulfill any outfit or bag, are Carlend Copenhagen's newest collection of our beautiful silk- and cashmere scarves from Italy. 

We focus on high quality and design luxury bags and accessories of the most exquisite materials on the market, combining design, quality, and innovation with respect for the environment and sustainability. 

Carlend Copenhagen's python bags are made from CITES certified skins from Malaysia. The functional and beautiful leather bags are made in Europe.


Carlend Copenhagen's beautiful bags and accessories have successfully attracted and inspired many women from all over the world, who follow us on social media with great interest. Carlend Copenhagen's designs are often seen in the press in the company of celebrities. We are also very honored, that we still are able to follow the Royal Princesses in Denmark and Europe who, for several years with grace and pride, carry our bags at various events, and have taken our bags to their hearts.

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